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Welcome to Café Gourmet

Supporting Coffee Communities

At Café Gourmet, we are committed to supporting producers, harvesters, communities, suppliers, customers, and partners in the pursuit of an exceptional coffee experience. Our coffee hails from volcanic, sandy, mineral-rich soils, as well as high-altitude regions that offer unique flavors and aromas.


Our coffe comes from volcanic, sandy and mineral-rich soils and also from high regions with unique flavors and aromas.

Our Coffee Beans

We offer a wide variety of coffee beans, from the classic Bourbon and Caturra to specialties like Cashimore, Castilla, and Geisha. Our relentless pursuit of excellence is reflected in the quality of our beans.

Modern Processes

We employ modern practices to enhance the flavor and quality of our coffee. Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional cup of coffee with every sip.


Our mission is to support small-scale farmers, whose hard work makes it possible for you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. We believe in a fair and sustainable supply chain that benefits all involved, from farmers to coffee enthusiasts.

Our Team

Café Gourmet is composed of family members, friends, and partners, all united by a common goal: to introduce Guatemalan coffee to new horizons. We work tirelessly to offer you a premium export coffee that reflects the passion and dedication of our team.